Of Mice And Men

Concept Art

I’ve used “Of Mice and Men” for this concept idea adaptation project. For those who haven’t read the novel; originally it is about 2 farmers (George & Lennie) searching for a way to earn money to buy their own lands for farming. I’ve converted the setting to fantasy and change the general occupation to mining. Therefore as a race humans became dwarves.

  • Slim was a strong but not intelligent person, he became a stone golem in my version.
  • George became an apprentice miner with poor outfit and nothing special from outside.
  • Curley’s Wife was the only female character and he became an appealing female dwarf
  • Slim was the wise character so he became court wizard who craft potions, hovering lanters and magical items for mining establishment.

In this project I’ve tried to keep the general essence of ‘Of Mice and Men’ but with original looking characters and setting.