Gentlemen Bastards

Hırsızlar Cumhuriyeti olarak dilimize çevrilmiş fantastik kitap serisinden yola çıkarak yaptığım konsept tasarım. Meraklısı için resimlendirdiğim paragraf :

THE SKY was a fading red, and nothing remained of the day save for a line of molten gold slowly lowering on the western horizon. Locke Lamora trailed in the long shadow of the Thiefmaker, who was leading him to the Temple of Perelandro to be sold. At long last, Locke had discovered where the older children had been disappearing to. A great glass arch led from the northwest base of Shades’ Hill to the eastern edge of the long, vast Temple District. At the apex of this bridge the Thiefmaker paused and stared north, across the lightless houses of the Quiet, across the mistwreathed waters of the rushing Angevine, to the shaded manors and treelined white stone boulevards of the four Alcegrante islands, laid out in opulence beneath the impossible height of the Five Towers. The Five were the most prominent Elderglass structures in a city thick with the arcane substance. The smallest and least magnificent, Dawncatcher, was merely eighty feet wide and four hundred feet tall. The true color of each smooth tower was mingled now with the sinking furnace-light of sunset, and the weblike net of cables and cargo baskets that threaded the tower tops was barely visible against the carmine sky.